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Updated: May 12, 2019

Prophesied April 25th 2013, "This is what it will take to bring the 'Spiritual Awakening' America needs, - Teams of 4 or more, passing off the fiery baton of prayer, passing it one to another like marathon runners in a race, fasting 21 days,... NO! 26 days more! That is the level of pressure and travail it will take to birth the AWAKENING AMERICA NEEDS NOW!"

Prophecy to our founder on April 11, 2012: "Where ever there is a ground zero prayer shield, there will never again be a ground zero hit."

QUESTIONS We will answer at the PRAYER SUMMITEach Week in locations we shall anounce to those on our email subscription lists. So sign up!

4 or MORE ?

Q: "Why is it so hard to keep praying about small and big problems and get break-throughs with what constantly faces me and my family? Q: "Why is it so difficult discerning God's will, direction, and voice, when I pray by myself sometimes?"

A: WE WILL SHARE BIBLICAL PRACTICAL ways to revolutionize your prayer lives! Stories of faith, perseverance and amazing victories will be shared.

NOW is the TIME! To Pray for OUR NATION!

Together, 4 or more in the pattern God set in motion, Himself!

JOIN US each week online conference call or in announced locations around the nation such as Plymouth County Massachusetts or in Tulsa Oklahoma or Aureka Springs, AR or Washington DC. Sign up for email or text alerts as to where our live location will be. You can always join us online via phone or video or facebook

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