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"Revoke Real ID"

"Forbid Mandatory Vaccine RFID Chip"                                                                                          CLICK, SIGN, SHARE.

"Revoke Gun Tracking RFID SDGS UN Chip"                               We NEED 100,000 signatures to automatically  this on the                                                                                                                                                                                desk of the President and the members of                                                                                                                                                                                    House & Senate for joint resolution vote. 

The issue of the Mandatory Vaccine Chip and  Gun chip will be added

to the next draft. Shelli began this 11 wk study and this draft that was lobbied

on the Hill last fall 2019.


Click: Links to read the letter to Congress/Drafts

Resolution to reovoke Real Id.jpg
APRIL Revoke Mandatory Chip Petition.jpg

Shelli's 6th draft of this Resolution #550

was passed unanimously by the US Senate  (Before she was elected).

She found sponsors and spoke at the VAT, Weyrick, & for Congress Members.

The government StarSpangled 200 Commission officially put her SingItAmerica organization into the commission members website.

                                     CLICK to sign  .                  


















Resolution 550 p 1.jpg
Resolution 550 p 2.jpg
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