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See Below! New Face in Presidential Section of Faces!

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New Face:

Pres. D.J.Trump

Download Soul-Winning Track front fold.j


  • STEP 1

  • <——Right click on the Tract Picture

  • STEP 2 Press “copy” or click (command + V)

  • STEP 3 Open your Word App or a Paint Ap

  • Step. 4, Position your mouse and click“Paste” oor From Edit menu bar at the top or (Command+V)

  • Drag the corners to fit image to your page.

  • STEP 5. Edit/Type your contact data for whoever can followup on the soul wanting to pray

  • STEP 6 Save the document in doc, or text or rtf.

  • STEP 7 Also Save it in a pdf format

  • STEP 8 Print and fold

  • STEP 9 Share it with people who see the truck billboard

STEP 10 Pray with them, reading the tract to them

Proud to live in a "federal republic with a democratic form of government", like her forefathers, Shelli enjoyed serving her state of Oklahoma and her nation, as a life-long Republican. In 2014, StarSpangled200 Commission posted her logo on the offical government website, as she crafted Resolution #550, assisted by legislators in Washington DC, and pushed it for a unanimous Senate vote, before she was elected to any position!

THE TRUE STORY of Francis Scott Key &

Star Spangled Banner:

A Racial Healing Message


     SEE FULL STORY with Shelli and the Baltimore Sun at


     Speaking into the controversy of 2017 about the 3rd verse of the National Anthem.


      Francis Scott Key did not write about the American Slave population in his 3rd verse of the Star Spangled Banner, nor about the paid indentured servants of the colonies. He was instead writing aboard the British Ship as he watched the bombardment of his beloved Baltimore’s Fort McHenry. He was himself that night a captive under British Tryany . . . . . .

 . . . . . . . . . . . Britain returned to American focus in the first decade of the 1800’s. They hoped to fuel the slave trade to higher levels to keep an active trade going with the colonist. The Abolitionist and other issues greatly hindered this renewed endeavor.

       Thus, Francis Scott Key commented on the their foul blood not being able to the, refuge nor the hireling and the slave.

       It was all aimed against the British tyrants, not at enforcing slavery in America, nor of approval of it, nor of racism.

Movie with Barry Shelli Pastor Al Sept 2

Did You Know?    We Celebrate Imperfect Heroes    Black & White  & Yellow & Red 

1: A FREE African American ex-slave sewed the  stars on  the Ol' Glory Flag that Key saw & wrote about ? GRACE WISHER see Shelli's book.

2: Francis Scott Key wasn't degrading the Black population but was shaming the British in the 3rd verse for  having enslaved the black gunners taking bullets on their ship as they attacked Fort McHenry that night and for enslaving him and others as captives. He called the British "blood foul", not the African American blood.

3: The most sought after abolistionist among those escaping the tyranny of slavery was Key, who stopped lynching mobs, once even pulling the noose over his own neck, to rescue his clients for whom he was securing freedom .

4: The first black man to serve in congress died 48 years before the Civil War, and in his 72 person funeral procession was one caucasian face: his dear friend Francis Scott key.

5: Why did Key and others still have slaves? They freed many, but were stopped by the British forces before the Revolution, fined and imprisoned, finally deciding to choose the battle they could first win, the Revolution. The teaching of the day in churches was "Replacement Theology" that wrongly entitled the population with ancient middle eastern ideas, later stoutly denounced by Key and other patriots who began a progressive battle for civil rights of the blacks and all others.

6: The LAST VERSE OF THE NATIONAL ANTHEM Calls us "Heaven's Rescued Land." and states "In God Is Our Trust" and salutes pour veterans.

Homeless Vets & Widows Watch:

As a Veteran's wife, Shelli enjoyed the annual military ball in Tulsa, and was proud of her husband's decorated status, but as a widow for 6 years from 2013-2018, before Shelli married Barry, she became aware of issues of Social Security needing reform, and the suffering of many grief-stricken lonely souls who need special love and compassion in our nation. Hosting a summer rally for Homeless Vets in the "Spiritual Gateway" of America, through our extended northeast outreach, she brought attention to their plight and created another resolution for Congress, working with the VFW in DC and the Chaplain of the US Congress, of which this is still a work in progress. Your thoughts and needs are of interest to us. Please email her or Barry or our staff at our contact link, God Bless you and God Bless America!


Watch What Happens when we put this on a billboard! Or Produce our Musical Historical Drama; VISION SHIP!

Shelli Sings at Dr Roseline's church
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This Blood Heals Time To PRAY USA www th
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America This Blood Heals Time to Pray US
America G Shed H Grace Its Time To PRAY

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(c)1987 Shelli Jones Manuel  

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